Facts and Information about our watches

Miyota – The high-tech, Japanese company Miyota's watch movement is one of the world's most used and proven. In addition, the movement has an incredibly good accuracy, with a margin of error of only a few seconds a month. This makes them more accurate in their timing, compared to the mechanical movement.
Citizen – Citizen manufactures high-tech, innovative timepieces with cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized the international watch industry. Known for its innovative technology and extremely high precision.

Quartz watch
Powered by batteries that should be replaced when the clock strikes or has stopped completely. The battery life depends on the age and condition of the watch and can thus vary. A worn movement with dry oils or with rust in it drains the battery faster than a movement that is in good condition.

The watch's glass is made of tempered mineral glass. It is resistant to normal wear and tear but should still be treated with caution.

Mineral glass – Harder than ordinary glass and therefore harder to scratch.

Our silver watches are made of stainless steel. The rose gold chefs have a stainless steel core and two plating rings. The base plating is 0.8 microns TiCN (a yellow base metal) and the upper coating consists of 0.1 micron rose gold (made of 85% 23 carat gold and 15% copper to create the rose color).

Case / Dial
The case is the shell that contains and protects the movement. It is usually made of materials such as steel, gold or titanium.

The crown is a button (usually placed on the side of the case at three o'clock) to turn up and set the clock.

The size of a watch is the same as the diameter of the case and is stated in millimeters. This can help you find the right fit depending on how thin or rough your wrist is. Guidelines for a good and balanced fit on the watch are a small-to-medium-sized watch for a smaller wrist, or a medium-to-large watch on a larger wrist.

What does ATM mean?

  • 3 ATM (atmospheres) and means that the watch is dust resistant and can withstand water splashes / rain.
  • 5 ATM means that the watch can handle water.
  • 10 ATM means you can swim clockwise.
  • 20 ATMs are watches that can handle tube diving.

There are watches that can withstand even higher pressures at higher prices.

Important to remember
The density of the watch is a fresh product that is affected by age and external conditions. A small crack in the glass edge can, for example, affect the tightness, as well as the gaskets drying out over time or a blow to one of the buttons or the crown causing them to end up at an angle. Therefore, it is important to maintain your watch in order to guarantee a tightness.t.